CDM Regulations and Principal Designer

In commercial and domestic development, the role of CDM C and the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015, form an important part of the building process. With issues of resource and competence of contractors and designers, the regulations are quite stringent with their requirements. The statutory appointment of a CDM C has been be removed since April 2015 (and on transitional projects in October 2015) and the duties discharged to a key duty holders. The role of Principal Designer has ben created to support the client at the early stages of design. We can fulfil that role as some of the duties were formerly CDM C duties.

A Principal Designer is required where there will be more than one contractor. This will cover most projects.

Where a project is either
1) more than 30 days with 20 workers
2) longer than 500 man days

The project will need to be notified to the HSE.

There are all sorts of permutations on these criteria but basically, who ever the Client employs (as the Client needs to inform the HSE including domestic projects but can delegate this responsibility) you should have a Principal Designer in some capacity.. at least at the start. The Principal Contractor can act as Principal Designer on some domestic projects.

Alpha Design Ltd employ persons who can act as Principal Designer. Not only have they passed the Association of Project Safety competence tests to maintain their IMaPS membership but also they hold NEBOSH in Construction Safety qualifications to back it up. In addition to all the above, each individual holds a CSCS card demonstrating in an exam their competence in the current legislation.

The client can be assured that in our designs, inherent issues are being resolved in house and when acting as a Principal Designer, supporting designers. Principal Contractors and contractors with information and details, Alpha Design Ltd are ensuring the regulations are being adhered to. Protecting the Clients and supporting him in his duties.

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