CDM 2015 – Domestic Clients prepare yourselves.

If your not aware, the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007 get an update on 5th April 2015. The role of CDM C or CDM Coordinators disappears and duties dispersed to other Design Team members. The new role of Principal Designer has been born. As the designer on a project, probably the lead designer, it will be their responsibility at the Pre Construction Phase to ensure information is available to other designers and contractors who need it.

In fairness, its something Alpha Design Ltd have been doing either as CDM C or Designer on its projects, but now the duties of the new CDM Regulations 2015 now include Domestic Clients. So all those extension projects and maybe larger domestic projects for the man down the street all fall under the new regulations. They may not be notifiable projects due to time but the responsibilities of the client, designer and Principal Contractor are there at a domestic level.

It will be a shock to some contractors who aren’t up to speed with such duties, while the larger building contractor have been geared up for years on the CDM Regulations and all its changes to date. the smaller builder will have some catching up to do.

So if you are a domestic client or a domestic builder who is all of a sudden going to be called a Principal Contractor, call Alpha Design Ltd for your client, designer or contractor support. With over 20 years experience in construction design and individual membership registration with the Association of Project Safety, you know you will get sound, experienced support for your domestic or commercial project.