CDM 2015 – Are you ready for the changes

The CDM regulations will change to include all construction projects… it did before but its more explicit on domestic projects now….. that means the domestic contractors working on a house extension will need to be treated the same as a contractor on a larger project.

The CDM C role also disappears but the duties of the designer increase.. Especially the new role of Principal Designer that has been introduced….Alpha Design Ltd can provide that Principal Designer Role, as some of the duties that need to be discharged are former CDM C duties.. Ad we have been providing that role for the past 10 years…

The key date for change in April 2015… up until then the CDM C role exists….after that the Principal Designer Role will be the appointment the client will need o make.

For more information please call or go to Guidance on CDM2015 for Designers – Nov 14