Alpha Design Ltd expand into plan printing

Alpha Design Ltd can now offer a CAD Plan printing service for your drawings and images. If you need any CAD drawings printed off  onto paper, we can supply your drawings in all the typical formats from A0 to A4 on high quality CAD plotting paper, folded up and delivered to your door. We do not do encapsulation yet but may do in the near future.

If you have specific plotting pen styles, just add the configuration file to the enquiry and we can plot the drawing out as you intended. Otherwise, send the PDF file and we will print based on the PDF parameters . A common mistake with CAD exporting is scale, so please ensure that is you do use a PDF file, make sure its plotted to the scale you want.

Just down load the form below and email in your PDF or AutoCad dwg or Revit file and we will do the rest. If you have any concerns , please contact us.

Here is the Print Order form