Alpha Design Ltd adopt Autodesk Revit for BIM Modelling

Alpha Design Ltd have completed the last phase of the Autodesk BIM training for the Revit Architecure product. For most people who aren’t so up to date with all the changes in the construction industry, BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. If you need more info go to :-

Autodesk Revit is BIM compatible software that will help create BIM models suitable for the end user to have an accurate, 3d representation with all the building component information within it. This makes looking after the building easier, reduces paperwork and should , in theory anyway, allow the building to be constructed more efficiently. The BIM model should also allow greater collaboration between professions to ensure clashes and collisions are reduced.

We have completed training to be able to support BIM Level 1, 2 and if needed to Level 3 projects (only difference is the level of detail and documentation) through the Revit software. Revit can also provide 3d rendered images such as these below.




If you need a BIM Consultant to work on your project at any level…..Do call us….we are sure we can help you.